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John Calipari solution to coronavirus worry — call off press meetings

John Calipari has discussed safety issues about the coronavirus with his team. (Vicky Graff Photo)


With the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, several sporting events have already been impacted and more could be.

Kentucky coach John Calipari already has one solution.

“I’ve tried to call off all press meetings because I’m thinking you guys, I have no idea where your hands have been, what you–and I’m like, ‘Why would I do anything with media?’ You’ll notice how far away I am from you,” the UK coach joked Friday.

Then the UK coach did turn serious.

“There is concern. There is. I’m watching the news and trying to figure out everything. Telling my team, ‘Hydrate. Wash your hands. Do everything you can.’ But, there’s a lot of stuff that will be out of our control and other people have to make decisions,” Calipari said.

The NBA has actually asked players not to shake hands and exchange high-fives and suggested players use fist bumps.

“And at mass in the morning, I’ll just say, ‘peace brother,'” Calipari said while making a peace sign. “So, I’m not shaking hands at mass in the morning either.”

Kentucky sophomore EJ Montgomery says he has a simple philosophy he’s trying to follow when UK travels like it is this weekend to play at Florida Saturday afternoon.

“Just trying to wash my hands every time and stay away from someone that’s sick,” Montgomery said.



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