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John Calipari still has not talked to Ashton Hagans

Ashton Hagans (Vicky Graff Photo)


Two days after point guard Ashton Hagans was not with Kentucky when it rallied to win at Florida due to “personal reason” coach John Calipari said he still has not talked to the player.

“My hope is that we will talk today or tomorrow,” Calipari said on the SEC coaches teleconference today. “I think he will be fine. Whether I start him (in the SEC Tournament Friday) I don’t know.

“I just want him to be healthy and in a great frame of mind.”

But can that happen after Hagans didn’t make the trip to Florida and UK overcame an 18-point deficit with 12 minutes to play to win?

Calipari again emphasized the pressure players at Kentucky feel.

“What they have sitting on their shoulders and what they are responsible for. It’s like they are grown men at 18 or 19 and have the weight of the world on them,” Calipari said. “When you do not play well, you have to clear your mind.”

Calipari said those close to players sometimes add thoughts that make it harder on players to handle bad games or tough times.

“Reboot and let’s go,” Calipari said.

Calipari’s weekly radio show will be tonight from 6-7 with Tom Leach. Guess here is that there will be a lot more in-depth information on Hagans then.


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  1. I say Hagans will be back, just a hunch. Kentucky needs him too. If nothing more than an added body for depth. I look for him to be ready.

  2. He (Hagans)will be ready. Whether he’s back is the coach’s call despite Mike’s opinion.

    1. Ain’t it so. Great minds think alike.

  3. Ashton needs to stop being coddled and start being coached. This “personal reason” needs to be called out for what it is. Ashton is jealous of Immanuel and Tyrese’s role of being our scoring leaders. He was also left out of SEC player of the year talk and is jealous of Nick and Immanuel for being in that conversation.
    Ashton needs to quit being focused on his own aspirations of NBA play and stop feeling sorry for himself in light of not being able to realize that this year. He quit on this time at a time that it can ill afford such selfish motives. He needs to apologize to Coach, the team, and to BBN for jeopardizing the success of this team at this time of year. He needs to accept a role of coming off the bench and being a pass first guard when he does. As for what he decides to do for next year is up to him, but we need nothing less than a team first Ashton or move on without him.
    Now attack me for telling the truth.

    1. You are laughable 33. Old Fan is right on. Read his post below and think about how overbearing you come across. We are all critical at times, but with you it’s 24/7. You know nothing more than the rest of us on the Hagans situation. Why can’t you just let it alone and just pull for the team down the stretch here? They are winning without Hagans. Calipari has got this. You and the Professor need to let Barnhart and Calipari run this program. It is in pretty good shape if one is truly honest. This is nether one’s first rodeo either. Thank the good Lord we don’t have people in charge of this program like you two.

  4. The coddling you describe is not new to Ashton, and it has been a hallmark of the Calipari “players first” system for years. It seems Hagans has also been protected by Caliapri for his unwise at best video of him holding a wad of cash, which even if given the interpretation that most UK fans want to give that it is his cash and there is no wrong doing associated with the cash or the video, it gives all the wrong appearances.

    The UK basketball program must be first and foremost for those in responsible charge of the program, and that starts with the AD and Head Coach. It is the Head Coach’s job to advance and protect the program. It is the AD’s job to monitor the head coach and make sure that the Head Coach is doing this specific job appropriately.

  5. Lord! do Professor and 33 own the UK basketball program. The way they talked they sure do act like it. Just leave the kid alone and cheer on the cats!

  6. In my opinion, from what I read from Cal, Hagans missing the Florida game was as much of a punishment as it was time off for personal reasons. It can be both.
    As for the coddling, I would not want a coach that didn’t believe in second chances or that kids, and that’s what these players are, make mistakes. Cal is giving him a chance to work out his “mistakes” both on his own and with his help. That’s what parenting teenagers is all about and whether you like it or not, that is Cal’s first job to these kids. Coaching their life comes before coaching basketball because that is what EVERY coach promises the AD and kids family.
    Some of you on here talk like Cal or this team “owes” you something. They don’t.
    I don’t think anyone on here is part of the locker room or has any true knowledge of how Cal handles most of the situations with these kids, and that is how it should be. Their private lives are just that, private.
    The way a couple of you talk on here, if you were part of the coaching staff, we wouldn’t have a player left and would never get another one.
    These kids are trying to learn about life and becoming respectable men, all while playing a game to entertain you. You are dealing with kids playing a game and somehow you have total forgotten that.

    1. Thank you OF for setting the record straight. Couldn’t agree more.

  7. As long as the same 3 or 4 coddlers disagree, no…attack me, I know I am seeing this the same way thousands in BBN do.

    1. There are a lot of guys in the NBA that will disagree with you. Until you walk in their shoes, you have no reality, just imagination.

  8. I doubt it 33. I believe you are the General of a one man army.

    1. By the way, just as I predicted 33, Calipari COY in the SEC in 2020. What do you think about that? I guess that really upsets you as much as you ran your mouth about him last year, remember? I would have changed my handle too if I had been you, Say something that makes sense now. was he just lucky? Better still, give us another gem of wisdom about our basketball team from the sharpest knife in the drawer, the Nostalgic 33. LOL.

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