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John Calipari thought it would “take a little time” but Kahlil Whitney bailed on Cats


Losing Kahlil Whitney unexpectedly early in the SEC season has not really had an impact on UK as the Wildcats are 10-1 since he bailed out in late January.

The former McDonald’s All-American seems set on testing his NBA draft stock rather than transferring to another program.

Kentucky coach John Calipari said at the time he was sad to see Whitney leave just like he said a year before when Quade Green transferred at midseason to Washington.

On his radio show recently, Calipari still was saying nothing but good things about Whitney.

“I miss Kahlil. I loved him,” Calipari said. “The one thing at the end of the day I felt that he was the guy that we needed in case we play somebody with size and athleticism so he could some in and help us.”

Whitney came to UK projected as a likely one and done player by some despited his limited offensive skills because of his enormous athleticism. Calipari even admits he might have been expecting too much too soon.

Whitney left because things “had not gone as he had hoped,” he wrote in his letter to Big Blue Nation, but Calipari said he saw early on that Whitney might be one that would need a little more time.

“After he was here, I thought,this may take a little time like it did with Ashton (Hagans) and PJ (Washington) and Immanuel (Quickley), probably not as much time as Nick (Richards), but I thought it was going to take time,” Calipari said.

Apparently Whitney never felt the same way.


  1. I think it’s time put this to a rest. We’re doing fine without him and yes would love to have him with us to show his stuff.. It’s a shame a kid grew up as a cat fan and had a dream to play for KY went sour. I wish he would go on record and gives detail what trigger his choice to leave.

  2. Good kid, appears to be a horrible decision on his part.

  3. Looks like he had the wrong people in his ear giving him advice. Would love to still have him on the team. GO CATS!!!

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