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Kentucky playing Michigan in London in December “up in the air”

John Calipari (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Don’t expect to know if Kentucky will play Michigan in London in December as previously announced for a few more month because Kentucky coach John Calipari certainly made it clear the game’s status is in doubt due to COVID-19.

“It is up in the air right now,” Calipari said during a video conference call Tuesday. “I say up in the air. Where is this (virus) going? We probably have until about June to make that decision. Do we do something that’s closer to us? It is being thought of.”

It should be with the world wide pandemic that has changed the United States in a way few ever imagined and remember Europe is currently considered the epicenter of the outbreak at the moment.

Kentucky is scheduled to play Michigan Dec. 6 in the first year of a three-year deal. The series that will include home games for each team was announced in February and Calipari said then it was something different for players and fans before on-campus games in 2021 and 2022.

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