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Landon Young is really a “big teddy bear”

Landon Young with his fiancee, Haleigh Johnson, and their families after they got engaged in Gatlinburg last month.


Ever wonder what Kentucky offensive lineman Landon Young might be alike away from football?

At times he seems almost too good to be true with the various community service work he does. He was named captain of the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. He has visited Cambridge Place in Lexington so often that the dining hall was recently named in his honor.

He speaks at local churches and schools, volunteers at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital and has been on a service trip to Ethiopia along with various other service projects.

So is he really almost too good to be true?

“I think people can gather he has a great heart by all the community service things he does but even then they do not see the full glimpse of Landon,” Haleigh Johnson, Young’s fiancee, said.

“It’s funny for me to see him on the field where he’s so big and tough, but he is my big teddy bear. I ask him, ‘How can go do what do (on the field) and be so good when have that heart of gold?’ He just emulates love and compassion all the time and is such a good person.”

She met him in class at the University of Kentucky and admits it was “love at first sight” for her.

“I am so grateful to even have had chance to get to know him and even more blessed to get to marry him,” she said.

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