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Maci Morris worried about getting home, not her health while in Italy

Maci Morris spent over five months playing professional basketball in Italy but is back in Bell County now.


After having her season in Italy shut down this month by the coronavirus outbreak, former Bell County and University of Kentucky standout Maci Morris is gold to be back home in Bell County — especially since new travel restrictions from Europe to the United States go into place tonight.

“I was stressing out,” Morris said.

Morris had bene playing for USE Scotti Empoli — about an hour from Florence — since early October and was leading her team in scoring when play was halted in March.

“I was never worried about my health,” Morris said Friday. “I was more worried about being able to get back home.”

She said the day the travel ban was announced she woke up and had “over 40 messages from different people asking I I could come home” because of the travel ban.

She posted on Twitter she would quarantine herself the next two weeks.

“I don’t feel sick at all,” she said. “But I know a lot of people have the virus and don’t even know it. I would hate to get somebody else sick because of me.”

Well, maybe not everybody.

“She does not care if she gets us sick,” Patti Morris, Maci’s mother, joked. “I have never been too worried about getting sick. Just worried about running out of toilet paper.”

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