Meal time turned into more than feeding time for Cats to turn season around

Nate Sestina (Vicky Graff Photo)


During his pre-Tennessee press conference on Monday, Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus talked about how sometimes Kentucky senior Nate Sestina when from being 22 years old to acting like he was 13.

“Nate has a spirit about him that he’s enjoyed his time here.There’s times when he slips back into 13-year-old Nate. It does bring a certain kind of laugh and spirit to our team,” Justus said.

So what exactly is Sestina, a graduate transfer from Bucknell, like when he becomes 13-year-old Nate?

“I think he’s one that laughs. I think he tells bad jokes and laughs at even worse jokes that are told by the other guys on the team,” Justus said.

Of course, just like John Calipari often does, that led Justus on a totally different path about team chemistry.

“This is a group that really came together over Christmas. Kind of the Camp Cal days have changed with some new rules from the NCAA, but what we were able to do was feed them,” Justus said.

Feed them?

“I think this group really came together over meals, and it’s amazing, I think, when you look at it from our perspective, what meals can do for teams, what meals can do for families, and that has never been more obvious with this team and how they came together after what I think we all would say was a rough Las Vegas trip,” Justus said.

“There were a lot of individuals that were questions, our team was questioned, and this group came back out to work after a three-, four-day kind of vacation and really came together. I think you look at that now at the beginning of March as a major point of our season.”


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