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SEC spring football games could be impacted by coronavirus too

Mark Stoops could have UK’s Blue-White Game April 11 impacted by the coronavirus.  (Vicky Graff Photo)


Now that the NBA has cancelled its season and the NCAA Tournament is scheduled to be held without any fans at the game, what could be next?

The Southeastern Conference decided Wednesday not to let fans attend games today through Sunday at its conference tournament and will do the same at other upcoming conference events.

Even spring practice in the SEC be impacted.

“We had very brief conversations about spring games and various activities,” SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said Wednesday night. “We’ll be reconnecting. I think most of those are outside of our March 30 window. I’m not exactly certain that I track on that.

“We’re proceeding with other things. We have I think a video review session this weekend for football preparation. Some elements will continue.

“We obviously have been in a crisis consideration, a crisis management situation, so that’s kept our attention on the immediate issues I’ve described. We’ll be reconnecting both as a staff tonight and in the future days and weeks, then with our athletics directors.”

Sankey sounded apologetic to fans upset with not being able to attend the SEC Tournament. He knows many have already made travel plans and will not be able to get refunds for lodging and/or tickets as well as missing a chance to see their teams play.

“I understand the disappointment for everybody. Perhaps I don’t understand it in the same way, but I have my own disappointment because I’ve come to love this event, love having it in this city,” Sankey said. “Disappointing’ is a good word, but we also have a reality around public health which we’re managing.”

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  1. I will draw some fire, but here goes. More have died since Oct from the normal flu this year in the old USA, and world wide, than have died from caronavirus. Did we shut everything down? No. How many die in car wrecks in a year, young and old? Should we stop driving? Only the older people are at real risk here, and most people recover from this caronavirus very quickly. As of this date a number around 1300 plus have contracted this virus in United States. This is an over reaction folks. I’m not suggesting precautions should not be taken, but this is hysteria out of control. I predict by May/June, and warmer weather, this so called crisis will be history. But the once roaring Trump economy will be derailed due to the mass hysteria created by the CDC, and shaky decision makers at all levels. Some crooked politicians will cheer this turn of events and then go on the main stream media outlets and blame Trump, all in a heated election year. It is already happening. This is not Italy China, Iran, etc. This is USA where we have the finest hospitals and doctors on the planet. This smells.

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