Send me ideas to share about “small town heroes” that you know

The crew of Marion County Schools, Bus 72 delivering breakfast and lunch to the students from the parking lot of Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church is the kind of small town hero story I would like to share. Thanks to Joe Dant for the photo.

By LARRY VAUGHT contributor Keith Peel comes up with some interesting perspectives for his stories, so it’s no surprise he had an idea for content that I really liked.

“Larry, I had an idea about something you maybe could write about going forward that I think people would love if you have the time,” Peel said. “You could ask people to send you a name and a small paragraph about people who are doing selfless heroic acts during this pandemic.

“You could select one to do a phone interview with and then tell their story. It could be called small town heroes or something like that.

“You have always been great at telling the human interest side of stories. Anyway, I think most people are looking for some good news these days and it might be just one of the things they look forward to reading.”

Great minds must think alike because I tried to do that earlier this week with a story about Melton’s Deli here in Danville and again today with a story about Farmer’s National Bank. But giving all of you a chance to share stories is something I wish I had thought of and I am sure glad Peel did.

So email me at with information on your “small town heroes” and send me a photo or two if you can. I think it would be great for me to share those stories here and like Peel, I think many of you want to read some “good news” as well.


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