Simple life … reality check

Tina Cox with the owner of Jack Dempsey’s in New York.

By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

Our office has been closed to the public for two weeks. There has been time for cleaning out files, catching up on paperwork and answering phone calls.

Tuesday afternoon (five minutes before closing time) the phone rang. I immediately recognized the name on the caller ID and immediately i did the eye roll.

This particular lady calls at the minimum of once every two weeks. She always has the same issue and I always have the same answer. Yet she continues to call.

As I anticipated the issue was the same and my answer was the same Instead of my usual “good bye” I said “stay safe.” Little did I know her answer would put the current situation of our lives in prospective.

“Tina, we are just fine, don’t worry about me” she replied. “We have cable so I know what is going on in the world. I pray every night for everyone to be safe.”

She explained to me that they go to the grocery once a month when they get their check. They don’t overspend, they can’t. She knows what it takes to feed her family. Nothing more, nothing less. She walks her dogs daily and then plays ball with them in the backyard. That is her exercise regimen. Their weekends are spent playing cards with their family. She even told me they sometimes have to buy three decks of cards a year. They don’t eat out but she promised to bring me a homemade pie because she knows it is better than any I could get at a restaurant.

The conversation with her ended with her assuring me, “We are safe. i guess you could say we life a simple life.”

I needed a reality check. I needed that phone call.

We have all been forced to live a simple life. We walk our dogs daily and toss balls with our children in the backyard. We sit on our porches and wave or chit chat (six feet distance) with our neighbors as they walk by. We plan our meals. When we get all the basic staples at the grocery we consider it a win.

When this ends, and it will, perhaps we will realize that a simple life is not so bad. It has filled our spirits with kindness, generosity and the realization that nothing should be taken for granted.

Stay safe and stay home my friends.

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