contributor Lacy Robinson puts on Lawrence Welk show for Grand Senior Living residents

By LARRY VAUGHT contributor Lacy Robinson of Prospect — one of the most loyal University of Kentucky fans I know — is maybe the only Lawrence Welk fan I know. But tonight she found a lot of other fans.

She seldom misses reruns of the Lawrence Welk show on Saturday nights but tonight she did three 15-minute Lawrence Welk shows of her own for residents at Grand Senior Living in Prospect.

She did the shows in the parking lot the long-term facility but obviously from the pictures a lot of residents really enjoyed what she was doing.

With the restrictions facilities have on them now, it’s easy to see the residents appreciated having a chance to enjoy “Lawrence Welk” music from their younger days.

“Glad you like my champagne gown,” Robinson told me when I complimented her attire.

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