Veteran UK fan doesn’t “want to miss my team time” if fans can’t attend SEC tourney

Sarah White, second from left, with her family at tonight’s SEC Tournament.


I really can’t remember the first year I met Sarah White and her family at the Southeastern Conference Tournament.

She lives in Nashville and is a die-hard UK fans with basketball season tickets and who always finds season tickets for all her family for their annual SEC tourney outing even though her daughters live out of state.

White and her family were in Bridgestone Arena tonight to watch SEC Tournament games and hoping they will be back for more games depending on what the SEC does now that the NCAA has banned fans from attending NCAA Tournament games.

White was interviewed by a Nashville TV station tonight and doesn’t hide her feelings on what she thinks should happen.

“I keep hearing they are going to call off after the games tonight. I am going to be madder than a hornet,” White said. “We are already here and exposed to whatever. I say we are adults. Let us stay if we want to and refund those who want to leave.

“I’m what they refer to as ‘elderly’ so I have the biggest chance of dying than those under 70 do. I personally think we are overacting if we close down everything. Let our kids play and be cheered on.

“I think this is our 20th year of the family attending. I don’t want to miss my team time or my family time.”

Normally the Wednesday night games between the league’s four worst teams don’t draw big crowds and obviously with the coronavirus scare that had to be expected tonight.

Instead, check this out.

“The crowd is the largest I have seen on a Wednesday night,” White said.

Maybe that’s because fans worry they won’t get to attend any other games. Maybe it’s just fans wanting to make a statement to the SEC about letting them make their own choice.

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