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Could spotlight/media attention at UK be too much for Matt Haarms?


Kentucky is one of three schools remaining on Purdue graduate transfer Matt Haarms’ final list and his decision likely will come soon.

The Wildcats certainly have a need for a 7-3 shot-blocking center after the departure of Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery to the NBA.

Texas Tech and BYU — where former UK player Mark Pope is the coach — are the other schools on Haarms’ final three. Considering one reason he says he’s leaving Purdue is to get more NBA ready, Kentucky would seem to be the logical choice after he had almost 30 offers after averaging 8.6 points and 4.6 rebounds per game last season.

However, there could be one glitch for the Wildcats. Recruiting analysts and media members have both told me as flamboyant and outgoing as Haarms is on the court, he does not enjoy the spotlight off the court. He doesn’t love interviews or media attention.

Obviously, the spotlight shines brightly on every UK player and with no other bigs yet on the 2020-21 roster the spotlight — and media attention — would be focused on him a lot.

Could they stop him from coming to UK? Probably not but it is interesting that BYU and Texas Tech are both programs without the daily spotlight/attention that Kentucky does.



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  1. I doubt it. I guess we will find out soon enough when he makes his choice.

  2. Cal can keep a lot of the attention away. With social distancing and other current issues, things may change on all campuses. If he has NBA aspirations, UK is the perfect bridge to get there. It only get tougher the higher you go in any profession. I cannot see this as a major issue! We will soon find out.

  3. UK is a good bridge to the NBA. My guess is this kid will seek out a program where the offense runs through the post Coach would be smart to reshape his offense to feature a 7’3″ center. I think Keion would be all for that too. Doing so might not only get the kid to play for us, but could change the way big men look at UK.

  4. I guess we find out today. I’m not sure if he is a good fit or a bad fit. Cal does like a ream protector, but is this team going to run more?. Will be interesting either way. GO CATS!!!

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