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Dale Brown says John Calipari “most misunderstood coach” in country


Former LSU coach Dale Brown thinks Kentucky’s John Calipari is the “most misunderstood coach” in America.

“I really think he is a good guy. He loves people and loves those kids who play for him,” Brown said. “And he does so many good things that people do not know about.”

Brown remembered the 2012 Final Four in New Orleans — when UK won the national championship — when he had a chance to tell Calipari about “old-time coaches who did not have a nickel to their name” who the NCAA made buy Final Four tickets.

Even then, the seats were at the top of the Superdome.

“John said, ‘Dale find out their names and I want to pay their way to come and if our team is in it (the Final Four), they will have really good seats. If we are not in it, I will give them my tickets.'” Brown said.

“And you know what? He did it.”

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  1. Coach is a outstanding person, if you don’t count post players, a very good recruiter, if you don’t count post players, and an above average coach, if you don’t count post players. He puts his players fortunes above that of our university, if you don’t count post players, which guards and wings seem to appreciate. I am not sure why Coach Brown thinks he is misunderstood? It’s apparent that prospective post players have come to know him very well.

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