Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban would like to see NBA draft go to three or four rounds

EJ Montgomery (Vicky Graff Photo)


It was no surprise that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he had “no idea” about when the NBA Draft might be held during his appearance on the first “Coffee with Cal” — UK coach John Calipari’s Facebook live show — Monday morning.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty right now. I don’t have an answer for you,” Cuban said when Calipari asked him about the draft possibly being postponed.

However, it is what Cuban said next that caught my attention. Maybe he’s suggested the idea before but I had not heard it.

“I would like to see draft expand to three or four rounds. Now that we have two-way players (between the NBA and G-League), there is a mad scramble as soon as draft ends (to sign players not drafted). Same with summer league,” Cuban said.  “By doing that (adding rounds to the draft) we create more doors and opportunities for players and more certainties for players.”

Cuban said his teams works as hard after the draft ends — or even before it officially ends — reaching out to players not being picked in the two rounds to get players for summer league teams or two-way contracts.

Calipari seemed to have no opposition to that proposal for an expanded draft which might make UK sophomore EJ Montgomery’s decision a lot easier this year since he’s not currently projected to go in the draft’s two rounds.

Cuban said not only was he in favor of expanding the draft rounds to help players have more opportunities, but he also would not be opposed to players not getting drafted being able to return to college.

“I am fine with letting them go back (to college),” Cuban said backing an argument Calipari has made for several years.”

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