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Danville Church of God will have drive-in Easter service

Bryan Montgomery


If you want to attend an Eastern church service, you can …. just not in the traditional way.

The Danville Church of God will host a drive-in service Sunday at 11 a.m. at the Red Wing Factory parking lot on South Fourth Street (and I am already making plans to attend for many, many reasons)

“We have multiple smaller parking lots on our church property but Freddie Hilpp from Hilpp Properties was kind enough to allow us use of this area,” said pastor Bryan Montgomery.

“We talked to the Danville City Police to make sure we are all clear. They said as long as we follow the Governor’s guidelines and no other mandates are in place we are good to go.”

There are specific requirement for the Resurrection Sunday service.

— No more than a single family that lives together in a car.

— Cars must be parked more than six feet apart.

— No one can get out of their car. (Exception: Those 10 and under designated to help with the service).

— Nothing can be passed between the cars.

— We will have sound system in place, short wave radio to tune in on your radio (like most drive in movie theaters) and the broadcast will also on WKYB (107.5 FM).

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