Emergency room unit extender says, “We do feel like the worst is yet to come but we will stand strong.”

Ashley Metcalf, left, and her co-workers, from left, Emily, Bethany, Victoria, Alex, Stacey, Alex, Jordan and Dr. Eric Guerrant at the Ephraim McDowell Memorial emergency room.

Vaught’s note: When I get a chance and frontline medical personnel have a chance to share information with us, I want to give them a chance. I reached out to Ashley Metcalf and she shared this information about what life on the front line is like now.


Here are some answers to the questions you had about working the front lines during this pandemic.

My name is Ashley Metcalf, I am a Unit Extender in the Emergency Room at Ephraim McDowell in Danville. I have been working in the ED for 14 years now.

You asked how difficult a time this is physically and emotionally. I don’t think the physical toll that this job includes has been affected just yet. We do expect that to change though and we are trying to prepare for that as best we can.

Ashley Metcalf

The emotional side of this job however has changed, but as a group I think we are doing pretty well! We are like one big family and we are very fortunate for that. We do feel like the worst is yet to come but we will stand strong throughout and get through it.

You asked if I was at a point where I feel afraid at work. I feel like the hospital is doing a great job keeping us updated on the safest practices daily and doing everything they can to ensure we have what we need when the time comes and that we are as prepared as we can be in advance.

Also, you asked what the public can do to help us get through this and encourage us. The most important thing they can do is STAY HOME. Unless they have an emergency, please stay home.

There have been some wonderful people in the community making masks, sending food, desserts, etc. We want to say thank you for your support!

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