Former UK running back Anthony White understands worries coaches have with players no longer on campus

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


Almost every time we do Sunday Morning Sports Talk on WLAP (630 AM) I learn something else from former Kentucky running back Anthony White.

This week it came when I shared how several college coaches had told me they were worried about some players having enough to eat and access to materials needed to keep up academically now that they were no longer on campus because of the coronavirus.

Several coaches told me they knew some players sent their monthly stipend checks home to families for financial support.

“It was every eye opening to me in college when some folks said a player should not go to the NFL but should stay in school,” White said.


“I have seen families come to college and sleep in their cars or sleep in their son’s dorm room to have somewhere to live,” White said. “I just don’t think a lot of people understand the (financial) struggles some families have.

“There have been key players at Kentucky who had families who really struggled. If that player did not make it in the NFL his family was going to keep struggling. That’s a lot of pressure on a player. Some did not graduate because there was not the support for them to finish their education. It was all about getting to the NFL to make money.”

White admits those decisions did not always work for players.

“I know some who played here who are struggling and so are the families that were counting on them to make money for them,” White said. “That’s why I don’t think anyone should ever say this player should or should not go to the NFL or NBA. We just don’t always know everything that goes into those decisions and I don’t doubt a lot of players are going to have struggles keeping up now that they are back home and not on campus. That’s a real and fair worry for coaches to have.”

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