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Georgia coach Kirby Smart on home schooling, Tiger King

Receiver Dominick Blaylock with Georgia coach Kirby Smart.


Georgia coach Kirby Smart met with media members this week and got asked two questions that have both been topics of conversation in Kentucky recently, too.

Question: Have you personally been doing any home schooling?

KIRBY SMART: Wow. home schooling, personally doing it, my frustration level exceeds any ability to have the patience to do that. I have a lot of respect for teachers but even more so respect for teachers that teach anything from first grade to about fourth grade because I’ve recognized that sixth graders on, they can kind of do their own thing, but these young kids, my seven-year old, wow, it’s extremely frustrating. So no, I have not done any. My wife does not allow me any time to do that.”

Quesiton: Have you watched the “Tiger King” on Netflix?

KIRBY SMART: “I actually — I was like dying for shows to watch while I was doing self-quarantine (after a trip out of the country), and I got through two episodes, and I just couldn’t do it, man; I couldn’t stomach it. Everybody continues to talk about it, but my patience wears thing. I’m looking for a little more plot, I’m looking for a little more — I don’t know what the right word is, but that’s not my cup of tea. I’ll just say that. I’m more of ‘Ozark’ guy.”

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