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Guest post: City commissioner praises local officials, worries about impact on small businesses

Denise Terry

Vaught’s Note: I reached out to Danville City Commissioner Denise Terry for her thoughts on how our city and county were handling the COVID-19 outbreak, what concerns her the most, what folks could do to help and anything else she felt we should know.


Of course I think our leaders and front lines are doing an outstanding job both in the preparation for this emergency and for keeping the public informed.

At first, I  think there was a vast majority that didn’t take it seriously and looked at it as an inconvenience.  However,  I think the public has finally gotten in tune with what is really happening and the seriousness of the situation.

Our leaders such as Brent Blevins, Eric Guerrant, and our city manager David Milliron all took it very seriously and probably just couldn’t convey the seriousness to the public. They were trying but people weren’t listening. I think people are now listening and doing their part.

My main concern is how long are the small businesses going to be able to survive under these restrictions.  How much longer will we have to do this and what does it look like on the other side?  No one knows the answers to those questions but that is what we need to be thinking about and starting to address.  Who gets to re-open and when?

I am afraid closures of service providers such as massage, physical therapy and chiropractic care for pain management is pushing people to rely on drugs for relief.  Frankly, I trust small and local businesses to protect our safety.  We, the city and county, need to help our LOCAL people, businesses and industries as much as we can.

I personally have checked on and taken supplies to family and friends in need.  Of course we keep our distance in the exchange and I ask them to please wipe items down before taking them in their homes.  I am also happy to help anyone in need in the coming weeks as well.   I have also reached out to the Sheriff, police and fire chiefs for any assistance I can offer them.

I have been encouraging our Mayor and city manager to call a meeting soon.  I have found in times of crisis a little normalcy is important and comforting.  We need to explain the ordinances and orders in place and let people know we are here for them.

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