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John Calipari: “I fully expect us to be playing basketball in November.”

John Calipari (Jeff Houchin Photo)


With doubts continuing to mount about whether there will be a college football season because of COVID-19, Kentucky coach John Calipari is confident there will be a normal college basketball season — or at least says he is.

“I fully expect us to be playing basketball in November. I really do,” Calipari said during an appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show on the SEC Network Thursday.

Calipari didn’t downplay the significance of the coronavirus that canceled the NCAA Tournament and has shut down collegiate spring sports, high school sports, NBA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR and more.

“We have a terrific group of guys (recruits) coming in,” Calipari said. “But what do you really say? We may not have a summer (on campus). The Democratic National Convention was moved out of June (to August). Does that mean they know something we don’t know.”

Calipari said staying in the house, washing hands and stay away from people is the easy stuff.

“You can’t think where this is going,” Calipari said. “You have got to stay in the moment. We have to protect each other.”

Calipari urges everyone — not just his players — to keep a daily structure. He says since he can’t go to morning mass, he spends time “with myself every day” along with working out. He’s also “got a bunch of books” to read and catch up on some TV viewing.

“You have got to have a routine. You can’t say, ‘Oh my gosh three more weeks of this.’ Every day that goes by is another day closer to normal. This too shall pass. I just hope everybody respects the virus. If you don’t think you can get this thing, you can.”


  1. It’s all in God hands, we will over come this in time. Be safe everyone and God Bless!!

    1. I am a Believer and I agree with you Cats79. That said, if America don’t get back to work soon, we will have something much worse to deal with than this virus.

  2. Larry, can you say MARSHALL LAW? It’s coming, get ready for it. It won’t be our best moment in time.

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