John Wall “pretty amazing” when it comes to supporting his former high school

John Wall remains an inspiration to players at his former high school. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Former Kentucky star and NBA draft No. 1 overall pick John Wall still makes a huge impact when he visits Word of God, his high school in North Carolina.

Michigan commit Isaiah Todd, one of the nation’s top 20 seniors, recalled having Wall come back to the tournament named in his honor this season.

“He came to see us, worked out in the gym with us,” Todd said when he was in Kentucky to play last season. “I got to see him work out and after the game we talked briefly. That’s my guy. He reaches out on Instagram all the time to help us.”

Todd admits he grew up watching Wall play at Kentucky and still remembers the first time he paid attention to Wall.

“I always knew who John Wall was. First time I heard about him was when that (John Wall) dance came out (from Big Blue Madness),” Todd said. “When I moved to North Carolina and was looking for a school to go to is when I took a deep dive into who he was and looked at his life. He’s pretty amazing.

“We love seeing John in the gym. One of his former teammates is now our assistant coach , so we get the extra stories, behind the scenes stuff about John that is pretty cool.”

Todd certainly sounds like he will be a Wall fan for life for more than Wall’s basketball skills.

“I would definitely reach out to John for anything. He’s a wonderful person. He’s just a great guy. Regardless of what he is going through he is reaching out for his guys and tells us never to hesitate to reach out to him,” Todd said.

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