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Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman says Andy Beshear has “carried a heavy load” during COVID-19 crisis

Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman with her daughter, Evelynne.


As we deal with the hardships/changes COVID-19 has created for our families, Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman says not to forget that both her and Gov. Andy Beshear understand the pain/frustrations.

“We both have families. I have a little girl who just turned two months old. Andy has two children in elementary school,” Coleman said. “Families of Kentuckians are our minds every day because we have families, too. Those families deserve as much thought as our families do.

“You can see Andy cares about every family in Kentucky like he cares about his own family. That’s the kind of leadership he brings that provides such a beacon of hope in Kentucky. It’s a personal fight for everybody but professionally all our jobs have been upended in some way and we are all trying to adjust to what the new normal is.”

Beshear has received national praise from many for the way he’s handled the COVID-19 outbreak in Kentucky by being one of the nation’s first leaders to put extraordinary safeguards into place. However, Coleman says not to be fooled by the toll the deaths, illness, loss of jobs and school closings have taken on Beshear.

“Just because he handles it all does not mean he has not carried a heavy load,” Coleman said. “He’s been swift and decisive. It’s a heavy load to announce how many people we have sick or how many families have lost someone they care about. It has been harder on him than people know.”

Coleman says just like other Kentuckians, the Beshear administration wonders when we can go back to “normal” and what they will even be.

“We try to think about what comes next. That is on our minds daily,” Coleman said. “Our most important priority right now is everyone’s health and safety. Whatever we have to do to assure that is what we are going to do.

“With the way Kentuckians have bonded together there is no reason to think that spirit will not continue through the rebuilding phase. Kentuckians have been good teammates through this. When it is time to come out of this we will all be great together. I have no doubts about that.”

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