Lynn Bowden: “I think my film speaks for itself.”

Lynn Bowden.
UK beat EMU 38-17.
Photo by Elliott Hess | UK Athletics


If Lynn Bowden is right, he might benefit from COVID-19 cancelling his Pro Day workout in late March.

The University of Kentucky star was set to let pro scouts check his speed that day after he had not been able to run earlier due to an injury at the NFL Combine.

Bowden obviously showed plenty of speed last year to terrorize defenses after he moved from receiver to quarterback but he’s not known for having world-class speed.

“I think my film speaks for itself, as humbly as I can say it. I think it just forced them (NFL scouts) to watch the films more and with the film, I think I should be good,” Bowden told Paul Finebaum on the SEC Network.

Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow has said for two months that Bowden will go in the first three rounds of the draft later this month. NFL scouts apparently are telling Bowden the same thing.

“They’re telling me I have a good shot of going one through three. I’m just grateful to hear my name called. It’s always been a lifetime dream for me to get my name called in the draft. So I’m just ready, wherever it may be,” he told Finnebaum.

Bowden, like other potential draft prospects, is doing what he can to stay in shape with training facilities shut down.

“I’m doing different things to perfect the craft because, at any moment, the world could go back to the way it’s supposed to and I just want to make sure I’m staying in shape so I can get my shot,” Bowden said.

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