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Maci Morris “stands out as an ambassador” for UK athletics

Maci Morris enjoyed her time in Italy before her season was suspended.


One thing Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell noticed immediately about Bell County’s Maci Morris when he initially started recruiting her was the “deep appreciation for how she approached basketball” and that didn’t change during her brilliant four-year career at Kentucky.

“She just has a real determined approach to getting the most out of any experience she has,” Mitchell said. “She won a starting job as a freshman and I am not sure most expected that. She always takes advantage of her opportunities and throws herself into any experience with the mindset to get everything she can out of it that she can.”

As good as Morris was on the court, Mitchell said she might have been even more “impactful” off the court.

“She is among a very small handful of ambassadors for our athletics program. She really stands out as an ambassador for UK athletics and is one of the few athletes known from one end of the state to the other,” Mitchell said.

She continued her success playing professionally in Italy last season COVID-19 stopped league play and brought her back to Kentucky.

“We had gone to Italy for 10 days before her senior year on our exhibition tour and she had a great experience. So many of us fell in love with the country,” Mitchell said.  “She was so excited about going over there and I knew she would approach it with the determination to get a lot out of it.

“She didn’t just sit in her apartment and watch Netflix. She chronicled her journey so we could all go along with her. That is just how she approaches life and I am really proud of her for all she’s done and will keep doing.”

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