Mark Stoops understands dilemma fans have with season ticket purchases now


Mark Stoops signs an autograph at Fan Day. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Considering the COVID-19 situation, will Kentucky football fans eventually renew or buy season tickets like they would have without COVID-19.

Remember UK has won a combined 18 games the last two years and should have a very good team again in 2020 — if there is a 2020 season.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops understands the dilemma fans are facing.

“Personally, I would just take it one day at a time, like everybody in this country and the majority of the world has to do right now, is take it one day at a time and see where things are at,” Stoops said.

“I would hate to speak for other people but I would like to say ‘thank you.’ It was very important, it was very nice, to see the support and the people continuing to increase on the season ticket sales.  We need that.  I mentioned it at my pre-spring press conference, how important that was to me and to our players and to our program. And again, we need that support. It makes a difference.”

Stoops said a full stadium impacts recruiting as well as the players in the games. Stoops said “we need it” and hopes UK fans will continue to offer the same support they did before COVID-19.

“Obviously, safety comes first, and financially I completely understand that.  Things have changed for a lot of people.  Financially things have changed, and we certainly understand that and want what’s best for people,” Stoops said.

“There’s great support in this community,  there’s great support in the Big Blue Nation.  That’s not going to change.  The people that can come to the games, and can afford it, can make it happen, we can’t wait to see them there.”

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