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Matthew Mitchell struggling as home school principal

Matthew Mitchell says COVID-19 home schooling has made him appreciate teachers even more. (Vicky Graff Photo)


What has life been like in coach Matthew Mitchell’s home since the COVID-19 outbreak changed the way we lead our normal lives?

“We are just trying to make the best of a difficult situation like everybody else,” Mitchell said Monday. “It’s so difficult for our country and the world.”

Like others, Mitchell has had to try and help educate his two young daughters with home instruction. It apparently has not gone as well as his practice sessions with the UK women’s basketball team.

“We are trying to make sure kids are progressing in their academics. That has been challenging for everybody that is not a kindergarten or second grade teacher,” the UK women’s coach said. “I am our home school principal and my students have been unruly at times.

“I have caught them outside of the classroom not studying. They have been known to walk the halls. It’s been difficult and challenging for all parents I am guessing but it certainly makes you appreciate the good work educators are doing for our kids.”

Mitchell and his wife, Jenna, are trying to check on extended family regularly and also have found various charitable causes in the Lexington community where they can help others.

“That’s important to us (to help others),” Mitchell said. “There is a lot of great work going on trying to help people who need it and we are happy to be part of that.”


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