No summer recruiting, no problem for John Calipari

John Calipari spent a lot of time last summer recruiting Terrence Clarke. (Brewster Academy Photo)


The NCAA has put a ban on recruiting visits by players and off-campus recruiting by coaches through May 31st — and it could be extended.

One coach who would be fine with no summer recruiting is Kentucky coach John Calipari even if the COVID-19 concerns go away. He would be fine with no summer recruiting every year.

“The money we spend in the summer is stupid,” Calipari said during one of his weekly radio shows. “I need to be in three, four different cities at one time? Because if they don’t see me, it means, ‘I don’t care’ because that’s what the other coaches will tell them. ‘Well he didn’t really want you, he wanted someone else.’

“So I’m visiting three to four cities each day, and I’m doing the presidential wave. I look like the queen. I’m in the corner waving, I get in the car or the plane. It’s stupid. It’s asinine. I’ve been saying for years, why are we doing this in the summer? Again, no one listens to me.”

No summer recruiting period could result in more regional recruiting. Again, Calipari doesn’t seem to have a problem with that.

“Kids would be more regionally recruited. Is that all bad? There are kids we’d miss, but you know what they just changed?” Calipari said. “Go to a school for a year and transfer. You don’t even have to sit out anymore, what’s the problem there? I mean, that’s where we’re moving.”

The option to transfer and be eligible immediately has not been approved by the NCAA yet but is expected to be passed this summer.



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