Physician has seen “lot of good” during COVID-19 outbreak

Blair Tolar

Vaught’s note: I met Blair Tolar years ago when I went to Marshall County Hoopfest for the first time and see him regularly now at Hoopfest and McCracken County Mustang Madness where he is always a team host. But he also works at Baptist Health Paducah and shares this message of hope/optimism that I think we all should embrace as part of my effort to share good news daily.

By BLAIR TOLAR, Contributing Writer

I’m involved in hospital leadership as well as a practicing physician. Although lots of hard conversations have been had about surge planning, things I hope we never have to implement, I’ve seen a lot of good.

I’ve seen a community of love. One of support and prayers. One of selflessness. I’ve seen competing health systems come together to work with each other to help the sick. I’ve seen a lot of collaboration between hospitals that are constantly trying to compete (which isn’t bad as it drives up quality).

I’ve seen a lot of listening and understanding. I’ve seen a lot of egos getting checked at the door. I’ve seen a lot of bravery and hard work.

Blair Tolar, left, was the team host when LaVar Ball, second from right, brought a team to western Kentucky to play two years ago.

Post COVID we will be a better community. Our hospitals will be better. My hope is we will remember these times and reflect on how love can accomplish so much good in bad situations.

I no longer think about what it was like to fly before 9-11. I don’t think about getting to the airport two hours early. The long lines with TSA. The removal of belts and shoes. I don’t even think about it.

But if I do, I don’t resent it anymore. I feel safer now when I fly. We will change long term from this (COVID-19) just like we did then. And I’m hoping we see the good and not the inconvenience of the change.

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