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Punter Max Duffy making best of COVID-19 situation in Lexington

Max Duffy (Vicky Graff Photo)


All-American punter Max Duffy chose to remain in Lexington rather than return home to Australia when the Kentucky campus was shut down because of the COVID-19.

“I actually have some relatives in the area (in Australia) that is quite bad (with the virus),” Duffy said. “I give my family phone calls. My parents talked to me about coming home but I am happy here. It’s a little strange not going back home but they are all good there, so I just stayed here.”

Duffy said borders have bee closed in parts of his country to keep the virus from spreading.

“That keeps things isolated and easier to deal with,” Duffy said.

He said him and roommate Luke Fortner, a starting offensive guard, are finding ways to stay busy, including playing board games that they can find.

“Obviously there is not a lot to do beside school work and an occasional team meeting,” Duffy said. “We both work out as much as we can but we are really restricted on what we can do with no football facilities open.

“We sometimes go for a run to keep us busy and give us something to do. We are doing some social media things with the Kentucky Children’s Hospital and with fans, too. But football-wise there is just not much you can do.”

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  1. Hang in there Max. Our good President of the United States is trying his best to get this country back to work as safely as possible. That gives me hope for a 2020 college football season maybe.

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