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Steve Kerr: Competing “kind of what made” Michael Jordan who he was


ESPN’s “The Last Dance” is a look back at the 1998 Chicago Bulls NBA championship run that featured Michael Jordan’s sixth and final championship of his career — and the last one that the Bulls have won.

The documentary aired for two hours Sunday night and will be on for two hours the next four Sunday nights as well.

Current Golden State coach Steve Kerr was Jordan’s teammate on that 1998 championship team. He was asked if he had a favorite Jordan story from their time together with the Bulls.

“We used to have a contest. We’d shoot from the hash mark on the sideline at the end of every shootaround, about four of us, maybe five of us, and at the end of shootaround we’d start launching shots from there, and whoever made the shot first won,” Kerr said.

“Michael saw us doing it, and he just had to be involved. So he came down and started getting into the contest every day, and before you knew it, it was for money, and he was usually winning.

“That was sort of a typical Michael story, like he just craved the competition, and I think he loved the interaction, loved the whole idea of competing in any form. It’s kind of what made him who he was.”

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