Who is the better cook — Craig Skinner, Rachel Lawson or Matthew Mitchell?

Craig Skinner is sleeping more and cooking more due to COVID-19. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky volleyball coach Craig Skinner has been using some of his unexpected free time during the COVID-19 crisis to cook at home.

“I guess I was lucky that my mom, aunt and brother were all good cooks and I learned from them,” Skinner said. “We do a turkey pasta, turkey burgers, steak. I love to make risotto, too. I am trying to show my kids that we can eat healthy and stay healthy.

But he’s also found other things to do to try and fill the time he’s normally using for coaching tasks.

“I have never slept this much,” Skinner said. “I always liked to work out but I have never done as much running and walking. I am trying to be organized but there is a lot of free time to try and organize that I am not used to.”

What about softball coach Rachel Lawson’s cooking skills?

“I am a terrible cook,” she said.  “I am just trying to eat really healthy. Trying to use this time to get my body cleansed. I do not remember the last time I have not eaten fast food and gotten eight hours of sleep. I make a lot of salads and put a lot of things in them. I am eating a lot of beans.”

However, she’s not sleeping late by most standards.

“I sleep a little more than before which is nice, but I  still love the morning hours.  I love how quiet it is,” Lawson said.

Matthew Mitchell says COVID-19 has given him time to gain knowledge in different areas. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Then there is women’s basketball coach Matthew Mitchell. When I told him about Skinner’s cooking skills, Mitchell reminded me had had an “award-winning cooking show for the last 13 years” as part of his coaching show and that the UK College of Agriculture named him a “Hall of Fame chef many years ago.”

Finally, he admitted he was “kidding” about his cooking prowess.

“Actually, I have not picked up a whole lot new but I have spent a lot of time improving myself,” Mitchell said. “I have had more time to read books or gain knowledge in different areas.

“I have had moments of solitude that have been helpful and moments that have drove me nuts. But overall I’ve had as good of an experience as you can be having.”

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