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Will adding Davion Mintz have any impact on point guard signee Devin Askew?

John Calipari with Devin Askew, right, and BJ Boston.


Will Kentucky adding graduate transfer Davion Mintz cause incoming freshman point guard Devin Askew to have any second thoughts about coming to UK?

Mintz played point guard at Creighton and started 79 games in three years. He’s also capable of playing the two guard position.

Askew probably anticipated both Ashton Hagans and Tyrese Maxey going to the NBA when he signed with Kentucky. My guess would be in November he would not have anticipated Immanuel Quickley also leaving for the NBA but that now also seems likely.

“I think Devin will be fine,” and basketball writer Krysten Peek said. “He’s a hard worker. He’s adaptable like anyone who play for his high school coach and he has also to have a tough skin to play for him so that’s why he will fit just fine with coach Cal.”

Peeks says she knows Askew paid close to attention to Hagans all season because he “wants to come in and be the starting point guard” for John Calipari as a true freshman like others have been able to do, including Hagans last year.

Peek said adding Mintz is not going to hurt Askew’s confidence or Calipari’s confidence in him, either.

“If coach Cal asked him to reclassify to come to Kentucky, then he obviously has confidence he can come in and play point guard and Devin has the same confidence in himself,” Peek said. “He won’t be bothered by this at all.

“Cal is trying to set up his team for next year the best he can. He’s just bringing in another player to push Devin and for Devin to push him. It worked out well for Quickley this year and it will work out well for Devin.”

If Kentucky had not added Mintz and does lose Quickley to the NBA, could signee BJ Boston have played some point guard if needed?

“With BJ, I just don’t think his handle is there to play point guard. He is way better off the ball,” Peek said. “I have seen him with the ball against full-court pressure and start the offense. But he’s not a point guard.”

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  1. Askew would see less PT for sure, but that would not be a bad thing for him or UK. If there has to be a case where one leaves….good luck Devin.

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