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Will Tyrese Maxey be NBA lottery pick? Two UK fans disagree, wager $100 to see who is right

Tyrese Maxey (Vicky Graff Photo)


When I posted the story about Kentucky sophomore guard Ashton Hagans declaring for the NBA draft, I noted that I worried a bit about his outside shooting maybe hurting his chances for a long NBA career.

That led reader Jeff Cracraft to comment that he was better than Maxey and I responded that NBA personnel I knew thought Maxey would likely be a lottery pick in the draft and Hagans no better than a mid-second round choice.

Cracraft strongly disagree and offered to bet $100 to $1,000 that Maxey would not be a lottery pick. I ignored the offer — but contributor Tina Cox did not.

She initially offered to wager Cracraft $100 in gift cards to help local merchants. Cracraft wanted no part of the gift card idea but they did agree to a $100 cash wager. If Maxey is a lottery pick as many project, Cracraft gives Cox $100. If Maxey is not a lottery pick, Cox gives Cracraft $100.

Several UK fans disagreed with Cracraft’s comments.

“I deleted my post to stop getting the responses from the crazed yahoos,” Cracraft said when I asked why I could no longer find his comments. “Bet is still on via DM (direct message) with her.”

I checked with Cox. She has a “confirmed” wager and saved copy of Cracraft’s wager.

So who will be right? I checked for its composite mock draft analysis and it has Maxey listed No. 16 — two spots out of the top 14 picks that make up the “lottery.”

What is a bit intriguing to me is that the only SEC player rated higher than Maxey is Georgia freshman Anthony Edwards, the likely No. 1 overall pick. Washington has two former UK targets — Jaden McDaniels (7) and Isaiah Stewart (14) — in the lottery. The draft has two players from Europe in the top eight, James Wiseman who left Memphis early in his freshman season at No. 2 and two players — LaMelo Ball (3) and RJ Hampton (12) — in the lottery who opted to play overseas rather than even play in college.

And’s composite ranking has Hagans going 26th in the first round to justify UK coach John Calipari’s comments about him being ready for the NBA.

Of course, mock drafts don’t always really indicate what will happen on draft day and not knowing if there will be onsite interviews/workouts or even when the draft will be, this year there might be even more uncertainty.

The only known is that either Cracraft or Cox will be watching the NBA draft intently waiting to see who wins and who loses this UK fan bet.


  1. Maxey will be a lottery pick. He’s got that mentality to be a good NBA player. Got that crafted move as most NBA players have. He was the most overrated player on the team my opinion

  2. Neither Ashton or Tyrese are NBA ready, but there aren’t enough starting spots to go around with a top rated recruiting class coming in. Tyrese is talented but he could have used another year to become more consistent with his play. He showed up big in big games and disappeared in others. I wish him the best but don’t see him being a lottery pick; an early second round pick would be more realistic with at least one year in the G league to follow.
    Ashton really needed to stay another year, especially with the way his season ended. He would have been the starting point guard again in 20/21 and would have had the chance to improve his shooting and reducing his turnovers. As it is, I would not be surprised if Ashton doesn’t get picked at all. His absence from the Florida game will spook most GMs on draft day. He may be able to work his way onto a G league team, improve his game, and find a home in the NBA later on. I hope it works out for him.

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