Mark Stoops on schedule difficulty, home schooling

Mark Stoops with his son during a Cat Walk. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


I was looking back over some notes from Kentucky coach Mark Stoops’ recent Zoom media conference and came across two nice little nuggets I had not share previously.

First, Stoops was asked about ESPN ranking Kentucky’s schedule — which has nine SoutheasternConference games and Louisville — as only the 64th  most difficult schedule in 2020.

“I didn’t look at the (teams) ahead of us, but you know, and I know, nobody in the SEC needs to apologize for their strength of schedule,” Stoops said. “So, no more needs to be said about that.

“If anyone thinks it’s easy, let them go ahead and line it up, tee it up against those guys. Yeah, it’s real easy.”

Obviously, Stoops was a bit miffed about that question. However, he liked one about parents having to home school children now due to COVID-19 and which subject is the hardest to teach his kids.

“My kids tease me all of the time because I always ask them, I’m poking around all the time, what do you need help with, what do you need Dad to help you with, and they kind of just chuckle,” Stoops said. “They laugh at me a little bit.

“But, definitely, my oldest boy, the math and the algebra, yeah, I’ve got no chance. I mean, I don’t know how these guys are doing this stuff in the seventh grade. It’s ridiculous. I can still beat them in Monopoly.”

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