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Reggie Hanson still remembers his mom telling UK coaches during home visit about time he snuck out to attend party

It has been almost 30 years since Reggie Hanson played at UK but fans still remember him well. (Larry Vaught Photo)


It was about 33 years ago that Reggie Hanson decided to come to Kentucky to play basketball for then coach Eddie Sutton.

He eventually played in 101 games in four seasons and scored 1,167 points. He finished his career averaging 11.6 points and 5.4 rebounds per game.

Hanson grew up in North Carolina before moving to Pulaski County and admits her grew up a North Carolina fan before Sutton and assistants Leonard Hamilton and James Dickey convinced him to sign with the Wildcats.

Hanson still remembers a home visit the trio of coaches made to Somerset.

“I was mischievous. They were going over their big spill about me coming to UK and Eddie said to my mom, ‘Tell me something about Reggie I do not know,'” Hanson said.

His mother didn’t hesitate and started telling a story about a party Reggie wanted to go and she was not going to let him go.

“I love my mother to death but if she did not have a good feeling about something, it was not happening. She was not going to let me go,” Reggie said. “Early in the day I come to her thinking I was being slick. I said,  ‘Mom I am tired and I am going to bed early.’

“I am thinking, ‘So far, so good.’ I waited, locked my door and then waited some more and then out the window I go. I go to the party and I am thinking  I am good. A couple of hours later I get back to house and get to my window and it is locked. I knew then it was all over.

“My mother hates me to tell that story. My mother raised four boys and one girl. She disciplined us by proximity — the closest thing she could pick up, she used. It worked, though.”

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