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Anwar Stewart always on duty when it comes to football preparation

Anwar Stewart (UK Athletics Photo)


Even before the Southeastern Conference announced that student-athletes could start returning to campus in June, new Kentucky defensive line coach Anwar Stewart was confident there would “be some type of football” this fall.

“Our guys are training, developing as if there will be football,” Stewart said. “I don’t like surprises. When the time comes, will be ready to rock and roll. We are working, grinding to be ready.”

Anthony White, Stewart’s former teammate at UK, says the UK defensive line coach doesn’t “take personal time” because he’s always all-in with football.

“When we are hanging out, he is telling me about players and their expectations,” White said. “He is always on duty. He spends all his time figuring out ways to prepare his guys.

“He can bring it out of them to produce big plays. He is just a guy that can bring the ‘it’ out of guys. He just has that knack about him.”

Stewart believes he inherited a “great group” of players from former defensive line coach Derrick LeBlanc along with terrific players recruited by Mark Stoops and his staff.

“The future is really bright here,” Stewart said. “The young men here know they will get pushed. Everybody has got to elevate their game. Guys have got to earn it to play.

“We are going to compete. One thing coach Stoops talks about is always competing. The players that elevate and compete at the highest level, that’s the ones we will roll with.”

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  1. Coach Stewart is doing his part to get UK ready for football, as is the SEC. Now, if we can get Frankfort to do theirs, we just may see some UK football in 2020.

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