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Bill Curry feels his generation “whiffed” changing racist attitudes


Former University of Kentucky football coach Bill Curry was always an honorable man.

Maybe you didn’t always agree with his coaching methods or decisions, but I don’t think I ever questioned his sincerity or honesty. He was a person who wanted the best for everyone.

That’s why I was not surprised to see Curry share some thoughts over the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Three days ago he posted this on Twitter:

“Leaders: I was a passenger in a car with two African American (football) teammates when we were pulled over. We were ordered out of the car-only time I ever had a gun pointed me-no apparent reason. I saw the stark difference in the treatment I received when stopped with me at the wheel.”

Then on Friday he posted this on Twitter:

“My generation had a chance to change much of this illogical hatred, and we whiffed, ignoring chances to change old racist attitudes. Though there has been progress in some areas, in other ways we are back to the sixties. No excuse. I’m partially responsible, humbled and sorry.”

I believe he feels that way, too. He was always one to fight for social justice and constantly talked about how a football field was a place were race, income level, educational level and other factors didn’t matter.

Curry went on the SEC Network with host Paul Finebaum Friday to explain why he felt so strongly about some things he thought just were not right in our country today and wished he had done more years ago to maybe help bring more change.

Myself, I just think we maybe need more people like Curry in the world.

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  1. Just don’t understand it. As a white man myself in a relationship with a African-American woman it breaks my heart what has been going on. I always preach to the younger generation that there’s always enough space in this world to live in a peaceful matter regardless race, religion and e.t.c.. I feel for my grandkids that’s gotta live in a world we live in today.

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