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Brandon “BJ” Boston will “get his points no matter what you do”

Brandon Boston (Sierra Canyon Athletics)


He’s only played all-star events with Kentucky signee Brandon “BJ” Boston, but future G-League player Dashien Nix of Las Vegas thinks he could be a star for the Wildcats next season.

“He is a really good scorer,” Nix, who signed with  UCLA before changing his mind and signing a G-League contract, said.


“He knows how to get his points and where to get to his spots on the floor so he can score,” Nix said. “It sounds simple but he’s just really, really good at what he does and finds ways to score.”

What makes it so hard to stop him?

“He has great length and is a Brandon Ingram type of person. He knows when to shoot it, when to take it to the rim, when to pull up,” Nix said. “He just has great instincts about him that the very best players at every level have. He just knows how to play and get his points no matter what you do.”

Nix has enjoyed watching top players play and says when he watches Boston or other top players he pays close attention.

“Everybody has different stats and contributes to the game differently,” Nix said. “Me looking at their stats and watching what they did, I can take tools out of their game and put in my bag to make me better and he (Boston) has a lot you can learn from.”


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  1. That sounds good, but can he and will he play defense and rebound?

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