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Cam’Ron Fletcher’s athleticism will provide high octane UK needs

Cam’Ron Fletcher (Nike Photo)


He’s not the highest profile player in Kentucky’s 2020 recruiting class but UK assistant coach Joel Justus believes 6-6 Cam’Ron Fletcher of St. Louis could be a bigger difference maker than many realize even if he’s not a McDonald’s All-American or even a five-star player.

“Cam comes in with tremendous athleticism,” Justus said. “He’s a live body that can be moved all over the floor. He seems to be high octane. The fast-paced team we will potentially have next season could be undersized and he will be ready to play fast and really help us.”

Justus says Fletcher reminds him some of UK freshman Keion Brooks Sr.  He called him a “Swiss Army knife” who can move around and do a variety of things to help a team win.

“He’s going to get better becasue he ‘s going to work on his skills. I don’t think he knows yet just how good he can be,” Justus said. “I can’t wait to see what he can do with all that talent.

“He can almost be like Keion. He is the type player who can play from the top of the key to the wing to the baseline. The last play of the season turned out to be Keion posting up (at Florida) off the block and going one on one. Cam could do the same because he fits that same mode.”

Justus said playing Brooks and Fletcher together could possibly create havoc because of their long, athletic frames.

“Cam can guard multiple position just like Keion,” Justus said. “Cam has to become better with his skills and shooting. But he gives us versatility and a passion for the game that you really like.”

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