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Could what other states are doing be good sign for fall high school sports in Kentucky?

Somerset quarterback Kaiya Sheron and other Kentucky high school players still hope they will have a 2020 season.


If you are hoping there will be high school sports in Kentucky this fall, then there are some indicators from other states that should make you feel hopeful.

Start with Tennessee where some high school football teams are preparing to start workouts this week according to the Maryville Daily Times. Both Alcoa — Randall Cobb’s alma mater — and Maryville football teams will practice this week to end a two-month layoff for high school athletes in Tennessee.
It will be the first action for the athletes in more than two months since the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools around the state to close, which resulted in the TSSAA canceling its state basketball tournament and all spring sports championships. Spring football practices were also was canceled.

Teams will have to follow standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as government COVID-19 guidelines. Alcoa planned to have two 90-minute sessions with 36 players each that will be divided into four groups of nine.

Maryville will have one 60-minute workouts with players spread across campus. All workouts will be voluntary.

Other high school football teams in Tennessee will be also starting workouts.

* * *

Louisiana teams can start workouts with groups up to 25 athletes beginning June 8. The Louisiana High School Athletic Association voted unanimously to push back summer workouts to June 8 due to the COVID-19 rather than let them start May 17. But workouts will be able to start June 8.

* * *

Indiana was the first state to set a return to summer activities, but it won’t start until July 1. Still, a date has been set.

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Nebraska will allow high schools to open weight rooms for athletes June 1 and baseball and softball practice can start then, too, with certain restrictions. On June 18 baseball and softball games will be allowed to start with restrictions due to COVID-19. Only family members of players will be allowed at games and must bring their own chairs or stand. No postgame handshakes allowed.

However, organized team practices and games for other sports remain suspended in Nebraska.

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