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COVID-19 will not change KHSAA transfer policies


While the NCAA contemplates making it possible for athletes in any sport to transfer once and be eligible immediately, don’t expect anything like that from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

Commissioner Julian Tackett also said not to expect anything to change because of seasons missed due to COVID-19.

“Obviously no one played any varsity sports in the spring unless it was an early track meet,” said Tackett. “Those who didn’t play this spring pretty much have a free show to go anywhere to play that sport (next year).”

That’s because even if the KHSAA didn’t approve the transfer an athlete becomes eligible a year after his or her last varsity participation.

“We have one of the most liberal (transfer) rules anywhere except maybe California and Florida,” Tackett said. “We still have high profile football and basketball players get ineligible because they do not read the rules.

“COVID-19 is not a chance to start over. I don’t think it will really change our fundamental (transfer) policy at all.”

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