Emma King: Rhyne Howard is the “most God-gifted athlete I have ever met”

Rhyne Howard (Vicky Graff Photo)


Emma King’s freshman season at Kentucky was a “learning experience” in a lot of ways but she admits there was a lot to learn from All-American teammate Rhyne Howard.

“I just love her attitude and approach to game,” said King.  “She does not let things bother her. She stays so calm and balanced all the time.

“She has the best defensive players trying to guard her every game and sometimes team would throw two or three players at her and she still hit shots for us. She did not worry about what she was going to do. She just lets things happen. She always just does her thing and does it very, very well.

King quickly learned she had to add strength or Howard could just physically bully her on the court.

“She is the most God-gifted athlete I have ever met,” King, who is from Lincoln County (Ky.), said. “Her composure is always so good. She handles herself with such a great mindset all the time. It’s not like she doesn’t know she is good, but she handles it in such a humble way.

“She can do whatever she wants on the court. You can’t really stop her because she is so good. She would do stuff in practice and you just would not know how she even did it.”

Yet away from basketball there is no swagger to Howard.

“She is very quiet away from basketball,” King said.  “I have heard her raise her voice maybe once. She never yells. She is the most soft spoken but funny person I know. I just cannot imagine having a better teammate.”

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