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ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg believes UK could be “really good defensively”

Terrence Clarke (Brewster Academy Photo)


While so much emphasis is being placed on how good Kentucky’s basketball team could be offensively next season with Terrence Clarke and Brandon Boston or how the Cats might play small ball if they don’t have a true center, ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg believes UK could be elite defensively despite almost a complete roster makeover.

“I think they could be really good defensively, as they usually are, with deflections because of their elite length,” Greenberg said. “They could really be disruptive defensively at almost every position with their length and quickness.”

Greenberg says that same size and length at the wings/backcourt will pay off on offense, too, even if UK only has one player back — Keion Brooks Jr. — who played in a game for the Cats last season.

“I just think they could be really good with the skills they can combine on the court,” Greenberg said. “It’s going to be interesting to see what John (Calipari) can do and learn when he finally gets them back on campus and the group can get in a facility and work out together.

“This is going to still be a big summer for this group because they are so young. But don’t doubt that they are really, really talented.

“It just comes down again to how these can manage under the microscope and pressure at Kentucky. Things like learning how to play hard, being good teammate, not having to be the focal point of the offense. It sounds easy but that’s a hard thing for 18 year old kids to do sometimes, especially with this not being a normal summer.”


  1. Will these kids embrace the importance of defense as well as offense? Coach always seems to keep the training wheels on too long in non conference play and expect them to flip a switch after New Years. Without Sarr, this team will need to press full court and play an uptempo offense.

  2. Great article. I just hope I get to see them in person.

  3. Hope we get to see this incredible length on defensive display.

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