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Frank Anselem knew plenty about talent UK was adding next season

Frank Anselem (Rick Manahan Photo)


Seven-footer Frank Anselem flirted with picking Kentucky to play his college basketball before deciding last week he wanted to go somewhere else after the Cats got transfer Olivier Sarr.

Anselem played for Prolific Prep in California but certainly was familiar with many of UK’s incoming freshmen and those relationships were one reason he initially liked Kentucky.

He said he had been to a “bunch of Nike camps” with UK signee Brandon “BJ” Boston, a top 10 player in the 2020 recruiting class.

“He was among the first to reach out to me when Kentucky’s interest in me came up,” Anselem told me last week. “He said, ‘Do what is best for you.’ I appreciated that, especially since he was one of the first to reach out. But playing with him would have been great. He’s really special.”

He played against point guard signee Devin Askew of California a few times and signee Isaiah Jackson has been on teams with him at various camps. “We played a bunch together, too. I am really cool with Isaiah,” Anselem said. “Devin is really a good point guard, too.”

What about Terrence Clarke, the highest rated recruit in UK’s signing class?

“Me and Terrence go back to eighth grade when we played in camp,” Anselem said. “We are not buddy-buddy but I know about him and how good he is, especially when you put him with those other guys. That’s a lot of talent for one team to have.”

Maybe it was just too much for Anselem to join even though it still seems like even with Sarr — especially since his eligibility is not a given — that Anselem could still have been a good fit at Kentucky.


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  1. I thought without knowing for sure if Sarr would be eligible, it would a good fit for him. Even is Sarr did become eligible, there would be playing time for both of them. You don’t have to play all 40 minutes at UK to get drafted.

    1. My thoughts too OF. Sarr is not a sure thing, more of a long shot now. We need 2 starting bigs and at least one backup. There were a lot of other bigs in the transfer portal. I don’t know why we didn’t get a couple of more. Coach’s reputation with bigs seems to be in question. We should have done more with Travis Reid.

  2. And now the longer we don’t we don’t hear from the kid from my near area Evansville the chances not good since Maker name has pop up

    1. I say Maker goes to the NBA instead of college based on what I read. UK needs to push hard for Anselem now, Sarr or no Sarr IMO. Like OF said, both would see playing time at UK.

  3. Unfortunately, we won’t know for sometime on Sarr’s eligibility since every employee at the NCAA is currently absorbed in the BIG QUESTION, how do we keep Coach K from being deposed, since Zion looks like he voided his “student athlete’s” eligibility and is NOT covered by the Uniform Athlete Agents Act. Will be interesting to see how they keep his testimony hidden…settlement without disclosure???

  4. Anselem would not want to be the only big here, he would be double teamed every time he touched the ball. Even if Sarr is cleared to play and Anselem were here, we still need at least one backup big. Is the Jordan kid from the baseball team going to be on the team again…to play not just practice? This may be much ado about nothing. There may not be even be a season.

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