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Jeff Goodman: “Let’s face it, Nike is helping Kentucky. We know that.”

Is John Calipari getting help from Nike with recruiting? Jeff Good man says yes. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


College basketball analyst Jeff Goodman certainly implied Kentucky and coach John Calipari were not being above board when it comes to recruiting.

Several friends alerted me to what Good man said on “The Red Zone” during an interview with Nick Coffey.

Remember, while some schools have been mentioned in recruiting allegations lately and some have even received notice from the NCAA, Kentucky has not been mentioned or accused of wrongdoing. But Goodman — who already was not a favorite of most UK fans — said Nike was helping Kentucky get recruits without explaining exactly what the help was.

“Obviously, the difference here is you’ve got actual proof of money going from shoe companies to parents of recruits, whether it’s Brian Bowen’s father in one case or Billy Preston’s mother at Kansas and thus deeming them boosters. That’s kind of the way the NCAA is trying to operate here to try to get them,” Goodman said.
“If they do that, I just don’t understand how that’s going to go going forward because let’s face it, Nike is helping Kentucky. We know that. Nike is helping Oregon. We know that.”

How does he know that? Seems to me Coffey should have asked that question?

“Now, I don’t know if we can prove the money going, again, from a Nike individual to the parent of a recruit going to whether it’s Oregon or Kentucky or Under Armour, Maryland, again, other Adidas schools,” Goodman said.

“There’s so much that goes on. So, I don’t know if they (NCAA) really want to open that can of worms, but it looks like that’s what they’re doing here.”

Well Goodman certainly opened that can of worms by basically saying Nike is paying recruits to pick Kentucky.


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  1. Yea right as much we have miss out on t the big time recruits the last 4-5 years yea Nike’s really helping us. But everybody knows this stuff been going on across the board in certain form for years that the NCAA has slept on since the ice age.

  2. He should be asked to bring forth his proof on the three schools he named.
    If not, he should shut up.

  3. This is just a little guppie trying to get noticed in a big pond. The little tadpole might get more than he bargained for.

  4. Hey Goodman, prove it! Why don’t he conduct a little investigation on the Zion Williamson deal with Duke for starters. That is where the smoke is. Looks like the ACC is eat up with cheating these days. Let’s see, UNC, Duke, Louisville, etc.

  5. Pup is right, but the NCAA turns a blind eye and justifies that behavior. The NCAA needs to be demolished and replace with a true collegiate governing body that will put academics and fairness ahead of money and grudges.

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