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John Calipari “horrified” by what he’s seen happen in our country

John Calipari. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Protests of the last few days in our country, including one in Louisville, that have led to looting and even shootings led Kentucky coach John Calipari and other UK coaches to take to social media Friday.

Here is what Calipari posted on Twitter in a series of tweets:

“Like many of you, I’ve been watching what’s been going on the last couple of days and have had some time to think about it and pray about it. All I can tell you is I’m sick.

“Whether you’re talking George Floyd (who died in Minneapolis after being choked by a policeman) or a number of other incidents that have happened in our country and in our backyard, I’m sick because I cannot believe one human being could treat another human being the way we’ve seen with some of these injustices.

“I don’t have all the answers. I wish I had some way to bring everyone together. But I do have one thought: It is wrong, it is unacceptable, and I am horrified by what I have seen. This cannot continue.

“I addressed it with our team this evening. I want to keep that conversation private, but what I will say is we need to have an open dialogue and conversation about these issues. The only way we can move forward as a nation is to be open and honest with ourselves.”

Kentucky football recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow added his thoughts on Twitter later Friday:

“I’m very proud to see my white brothers and sisters along with Latino and Asian protesting but I pray we do it in peace. God bless America and I pray justice prevails.”

Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops posted this on Twitter late Friday night

“As so many of us have seen and felt, I deeply hurt for the injustice we have in our country. We must find a way to treat each other the way we want to be treated, with unity and respect. As a nation, we must overcome it. And we must begin now.”


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  1. What happened to George Floyd was murder, plain and simple. The police officer who is on video has been charged, and rightly so. Everybody agrees with that. He should have been charged immediately. Not 3 or 4 days later Minneapolis Mayor! The other three cops should have been charged as well. That said, these rioters who are destroying property and businesses are WRONG AS HELL TOO, and protest has turned into ANARCHY! This destruction, burning, and stealing ought not be tolerated. Many of these lawbreakers are from outside the cities involved, and are causing real terror. They are criminals, plain and simple.

    I for one “THANK” the loyal police officers who put their lives on the line daily for their communities. They don’t get paid near enough IMO. Bad apples in uniform should be exposed, fired, and even prosecuted if crimes are committed. In law enforcement, when the cuffs go on a person, the fight is over. Load them up and lock them up and let the court decide his or her fate. Not what happened in Minneapolis to Floyd. That said, for eight years we saw the former Obama Admin, and many politicians, slander our police departments on a regular basis, and law enforcement efforts nationwide. That did not help and has actually brought about the current hostility we see toward law enforcement in general. How many police officers have been gunned down, “slaughtered” in the line of duty these day? To many to mention. Who speaks for them and their families? Let me be clear, I’m for the thin blue line. Time to bust some heads, especially “ANTIFA” thugs who come in and stir up violence. Say what you will, that is very effective, always has been. If not, America will see more of this in the coming days. These thugs will burn our cities to the ground if allowed to do so. These lawbreakers dishonor Floyd! The state and local “do nothing” leaders involved here, across the land, must share the blame. Now as God fearing people, our great weapon is “PRAYER” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5. But there is a time to take a strong stand if people come in to break the law, steal, burn and destroy private property, and businesses.

  2. This goes to show that there are too many guys who think a badge and a gun gives them carte blanche when dealing with the public. Being a cop is a tough, dangerous, and all too often thankless job. There are so many who do the job right though. All it takes is for one ahole to go rogue and in this case, kill a person already in handcuffs. This was cold blooded murder. Not only was Mr. Floyd being choked, but also his carotid artery was compressed depriving Mr. Floyd’s brain of bloodflow and oxygen. It was on film. Cops and DAs need to take a lesson from sports. Go to the tape and make a call…immediately! That cop should have been restrained by one of the other 3 cops…it was clear what was happening. Since that didn’t happen, All 4 cops should have been charged and arrested within the hour, instead of being fired. If this had happened, the riots may very well have been avoided. The excuse of not rushing to judgement goes out the window when the evidence is clear and the crime is documented beyond any doubt. The charge of 3rd degree murder should be raised to 2nd degree murder and the other 3 officers should be charged as accessories. All four should do serious jail time. If this doesn’t happen, then cops are being told that they have a license to kill and nobody will be safe. As horrific as this event is, the failure to take immediate appropriate action is just as appalling. This trial needs to be set for the earliest date possible and convict and sentence these wrong doers. Nothing short of that is going to stop the riots. MLK said riots are the language of the unheard. Hear these people and give them justice so other innocent people don’t have to suffer from the senseless rioting.

  3. A footnote. The riots are wrong. These looters and arsonists need to be arrested, charged, and prosecuted as well. Mob rule cannot be tolerated. Order must be restored. All of those businesses that have been damaged, looted, and burned deserve to be protected by the law too. This all could have been avoided had one of the other 3 cops pulled the ahole off of Mr. Floyd or charges against all 4 had come within the hour. When will we learn from these things?

  4. This has been brewing for some time. I believe George Sorros is behind a lot of this, and that dude needs to be confronted right now. Until we take care of these ANTIFA thugs he pays to go into American cities and stir up strife, there will be no peace in America. The Floyd incident was tragic, and that cop was wrong, and should be prosecuted severely, but so is the death of any police officer, and the burning of anybody’s business. We must abide by the law, and respect the system, or we will cease to be a nation of law and order. Tonight we find ourselves in that fix. The next thing that is liable to happen is your house or business goes up in flames somewhere. or your child is killed by some mindless thug! Louisville is a powder keg tonight. There is racism flowing both ways too, and has been for years. I am not a racist, but there are racists on both sides, black and white. If you can’t see that your blind . One political party plays the race card all the time. That said, we have raised a couple of generations of kids today who only want a handout and think the government owes them something it seems. I know this is not popular speech, but you tell me it isn’t so. Take a look at many of these protesters. These protests just didn’t get this organized in a couple of days. This has been planned for a long time, they used the Floyd incident to bring on anarchy, and the weak leaders in these cities don’t have a clue.

  5. Peaceful demonstrations? This is sadly not about George Floyd anymore folks. This anarchy going on across our land right in front of our eyes is a disgrace. Time for some serious law enforcement. Look at Philadelphia today; burning cop cars, looting stores, and on national TV for all to see, total disrespect for the law. How is this going to help rectify what happened to Mr. Floyd? It will only inflame most people that really love this country, both black and white. One bad cop is no reason to condemn all cops anymore than one bad preacher is a reason to condemn all preachers. I Believe this is a left wing diversion because the U S Justice Department is getting close to exposing some serious white collar crime that took place in the 2016 election year. I can give the details if one does not know what happened? George Sorros and one political party are up to their eyeballs, and this anarchy has been organized for just the right time, and Mr. Floyd’s death was their opportunity to launch. The State officials and city Mayors involved are doing absolutely nothing to stop the lawlessness. Is this what we want in America? If this keeps up, we will not have a country.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with every word in this article, and comments. God Bless us all!

  7. Now, the violence has come to Nashville. Mr. Floyd was murdered and his murderers need to be tried and convicted quickly. All of this senseless looting and burning of businesses anywhere shows a lack of respect for human life and rights in itself. Most of the trouble is coming from out of state agitators and low lifes who think stealing is ok as long as you don’t get caught.
    I would be sitting outside of my business with a sawed off 12 gauge with BB shot, a 9mm automatic on one hip and a 357 magnum revolver on the other. You have a right to protect your life, your family, your property, and your livelihood! My brother would be at the back door similarly equipped. If these aholes want to dance, then start the music! Of course we would end up in jail because the bleeding heart liberals who just want to make this go away since it is not happening in their neighborhoods, say we have to give up our rights to appease those who have been wrong be someone else altogether. Enough already. I think I am ready to go to the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard and do some protesting of my own.

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