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Justin Rogers: “I am definitely expecting to come in and play”

Justin Rogers


Kentucky freshman defensive lineman Justin Rogers, who has been timed in 4.9 seconds in the 40-yard dash, would like to have his weight at 300 pounds when the season starts and knows first-year defensive line coach Anwar Stewart will push to get him there.

“Coach Stewart is a great guy, but he is definitely a character. I can’t wait for him to coach me,” Rogers said. “I am definitely expecting to come in and play. I have a hunger for the game. I want to learn the playbook, make plays and bust my butt for the team.”

Rogers knows UK coaches and fans have seen his highlights but believes seeing him play in person will show a lot more about what he can do.

“I can read the offensive tackle and his body movement. I know what an offensive player will do before he does it,” he said. “I can definitely knock people around if I need to but I can also just beat people off the ball.”

Rogers says he’s done all he can to maintain his fitness but knows he will be “sluggish” when he’s finally allowed to report to UK later this month.

“You can run, jog, do pushups but it will still all be at a different level when I get to Kentucky,” Rogers said. “Still, I’m ready. I can’t wait to get to Lexington. I really liked the downtown area when I was there before. Just walking around, people were so friendly. And I like friendly people because that is how I am.”


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  1. I look forward to watching this young man play, and hope with all my heart we see UK lineup and play football come fall. Rogers looks like the real deal.

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