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Rival coach says BJ Boston could become “unstoppable” at Kentucky

BJ Boston (Lake Point Photo)


Just how good will incoming freshman Brandon “BJ” Boston be at Kentucky next season?

Dream City Christian (Arizona) coach Kyle Weaver watched Boston put up 30 points against his team in a preseason exhibition game and came away impressed.

“He can get a shot off at any point. He is 6-7, long arms, creates space really, really well,” Weaver said. “Kentucky is getting a really good one in him.

“He is a terrific scorer and has a scorer’s mindset. He can pick apart a defense because he sees the court so well.”

Weaver says he will only get better at Kentucky, too.

“He will get bigger and add weight. Just add that strength and weight, about all he needs to do to just become almost unstoppable,” Weaver said.

Weaver felt his team did a good defensive job on Boston even though he got 30 points.

“I have no clue on his number of shots but he still went off for 30. He’s just hard to stop and that won’t change at the next level,” Weaver said.


  1. And he will be playing a experience big man Sarr from Wake Forest. Good news!!

  2. with a that is

  3. If Saars is eligible to play, the offense should go through him first.

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