Rock star treatment won’t overwhelm Terrence Clarke, BJ Boston

Brandon Boston (Sierra Canyon Athletics)


The season is still months away but already most Kentucky fans — and national media members — are convinced UK’s season will rise or fall on what freshmen Terrence Clarke and BJ Boston, both top 10 national recruits, do.

Are those expectations fair?

“It’s not any different than any other year,” Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus said. “I have been here six years and every year we are expeceted to win by 30 (points) and everybody make every single shot.”

Justus was embellishing — but probably not by much.

“Both those guys knew what they were getting into when they came to Kentucky,” Justus said. “They wanted the big stage and bright lifts. They wanted to embrace that and will work for it. They understand the expectations are high but the rewards are higher.

“Fans will enjoy them as much as we will. They are great people and players. They are excited about getting here. We had a Zoom call with all the players and it was fun to see the energy.”

Justus says any player who signs with Kentucky understands the rock star status they will receive from Kentucky fans.

“This generation of young people enjoys attention and often seeks it. You can see that with social media how involved they are with that and it just goes to another level with Big Blue Nation,” Justus said. “They want to be professional and this is the best place to learn how to be a pro on and off the floor and the responsibilities that come with that. There’s nothing better than being here and learning that now. They get that.”

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